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Learn about what makes nonviolent actions and movements successful.

How to Build a Nonviolent Movement in Under 45 Minutes!

Democracy works because citizens are willing to engage with the government and create grassroots change. In our experience from working in more than 50 countries, building a nonviolent movement in your country is a crucial part of ensuring a successful transition to a democracy or to defend pillars of democracy in the situations where it may be under threat.

Building a movement to defend democracy may sound like “tough work” but here are CANVAS basics in how to do it – and you can learn those basics in less than an hour – meanwhile also having fun by watching amusing animating cartoons.

Subtitles in: Khmer, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Spanish and English

Lectures and Talks

Lectures and talks on nonviolent movements and current events.

Srdja Popovic for The Economist – How to Bring Down a Dictator in 5 Simple Steps

Over half of the world still lives under an authoritarian regime, ruled by all different types of dictators. But people are not powerless to overcome their suffering under these regimes. On Kim Jong Un’s very own birthday, The Economist published this ultra-short lecture: How to fight for freedom and democracy in 5 simple steps, by CANVAS’ very own Srdja...

Oslo Freedom Forum – Revolution 101: How To Peacefully Upend A Corrupt System

On the side-lines of the United Nations General Assembly, the Oslo Freedom Forum organized their first ever meeting in New York, on September 19th. OFF offered a platform for riveting talks, world-class networking, interactive exhibits, music, art, comedy, and conversations between courageous activists and leaders from business, philanthropy, technology, and media. The Young Turks Politics Reporter Nomiki Konst spoke with Srdja Popovic about how to successfully lead a peaceful revolution in one’s country.   Read more about the Oslo Freedom Forum in New York...

Why the World Loves a Political Outsider: The Guardian | Comment is Free

From Syriza to Podemos, Hong Kong to the UK, people from outside the establishment have been shaking up politics. Serbian revolutionist Sr?a Popovi? argues that the popularity of these political insurgents lies in the impression that they are allowing the people to influence the system, in ways that seem impossible in traditional politics. But how do these outsiders fare once they enter the halls of power? And can they ever truly replace the old guard?...

How to Topple a Dictator
TEDxKrakow Talk by Srdja Popovic

Srdja spoke at TEDxKraków, an independently organised TED event which took place on 20 October 2011 at the Manggha Centre for Japanese Art and Technology in Kraków, Poland. Srdja talked about people power movements and bringing down dictators through non-violent struggle....

Nonviolent Struggle: Zeitgeist Americas 2013

“If people do not obey, rulers cannot rule”- Gene Sharp. Is his talk to Zeitgeist Americas 2013, Srdja Popovic elaborates on nonviolent action, comparing its results with violent action, drawing on international examples and...