Friends of CANVAS — CANVAS

Friends of CANVAS

Albert Einstein Institution

AEI is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Gene Sharp in 1983 to advance the study and use of strategic nonviolent action in conflicts throughout the world. Their work has been into dozens of languages, and inspired successful nonviolent campaigns around the world.

The Article 20 Network

The Article 20 Network defends and advances the human right to freedom of peaceful assembly worldwide. Through education, advocacy, research and legal services, the Article 20 Network encourages the proliferation of public demonstrations and fights back against obstacles and threats to our human right to peacefully assemble.

New Tactics

New Tactics is a program of Center for Victims of Torture that helps human rights defenders work more effectively so they can achieve their goals and better address human rights violations around the world, through the use of diverse tactics and strategies.

Humanity in Action

Humanity in Action is an international educational organization that educates, supports and connect a global network of students, young professionals and established leaders committed to promoting human rights, diversity and active citizenship.

Partners Global

Partners for Democratic Change is a global network of professionals who wish to bring about a world where people work together peacefully to bring about change. The network serves to support local leaders and “create partnerships that transform conflict, strengthen democratic institutions, and achieve sustainable development.”


IREX is a global development and education organization. We strive for a more just, prosperous, and inclusive world. We work with partners in more than 100 countries in four areas essential to progress: cultivating leaders, empowering youth, strengthening institutions, and increasing access to quality education and information.

Project Shield

Project Shield is a free service that uses Google technology to protect news sites and free expression from DDoS attacks on the web.

Build A Movement

Build A Movement (BAM) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization based in Washington, D.C. BAM is committed to teaching and training activists, students, scholars and policy-makers to the methods and strategies of nonviolent action to promote democratization, human rights and social change.