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Here at CANVAS, we are a non-profit, non-governmental organization and international network founded in 2003 by Srdja Popovic and Slobodan Dijnovic. While our headquarters is in Belgrade, Serbia, we work to promote democracy and empower individuals all over the world to use strategic non-violent action. At its core, CANVAS’s aim is to spread the word of “people power” by educating brave activists in more than 50 countries in skills they need to achieve freedom, human rights, and democracy and fight against oppression.

From Tbilisi to Durban and from Male to Caracas, our fellow activists are fighting for change towards basic human rights and democracy. In order to fight for justice, activists need support, training, educational materials, mentorship, and coaching. This is precisely what CANVAS is here to help accomplish. Our team of trainers and educators spread knowledge on non-violent resistance through a variety of media outlets, including workshops, videos, books, and special courses. 

 For 15 years on, we are committed to providing them with those necessary resources.

Will you help? 

More than 80 percent of our activists are fighting for freedom and democracy, and by supporting CANVAS, you are passionately supporting FREEDOM. 


More than 65 percent of our activists are currently operating in various forms of autocracies, and by supporting CANVAS, you are supporting COURAGE AND COMMITMENT. 


Join CANVAS in our mission of restoring democracy and human rights across the world by donating today.

 We are partnered with the King Baudouin Foundation which will help supporters like you to donate online in a safe and tax-deductible manner. Once you are on the KBFUS page, simply search for “CANVAS Citizens Association” and join our international family of human rights and democracy defenders! 

 We depend on people like you, thanks in forward.