Defending Democracy Through Social Movements: Webcast — CANVAS

Defending Democracy Through Social Movements: Webcast


To defend democracy, learn from successful social movements across the globe!

On September 15th, CANVAS, together with the Harvard Kennedy School, aired the Free Webcast – “Defending Democracy Through Social Movements”

We live in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world. Yet in 2017, basic democratic values and liberties are under threat in many countries that have been considered “stable democracies” for years.

Nonviolent social movements have surged in response to the rise of populism, nationalism, and racial intolerance in Europe, Asia, and the United States. But how can these movements help to defend democratic institutions and values today? 

In our September 15th free webcast, these subjects were discussed face-to-face by Douglas Johnson, Srdja Popovic and Slobodan Djinovic, lecturers of the online Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education program, Leading Nonviolent Movements for Social Progress.

In this live webcast, in which more than 500 individuals from over 30 countries participated, our lecturers discussed the most important battlegrounds for democracy that exist around the world today. Moreover, we provided an overview of the key principles of successful nonviolent movements, both contemporary and historical, large and small. Through the interactive character of the session, we were able to answer some of your most urgent questions, in the live webcast as well as on our chat-platform. 

Thank you for joining us and learning how to defend democracy through people power!

Did you miss our live session on the September 15? You can now watch the video-registration of the webcast online! Click here.

Picture: David Holt